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Jun 2017
Diabetes Week – Sunday 11th June – Saturday 17th June 2017

Diabetes Week is organised by Diabetes UK to raise awareness of the condition. The theme this year is ‘Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes’. If you have a story about diabetes or knowledge you could share, Diabetes UK is encouraging people with experience of diabetes to speak up and let others know by using the hashtags #knowdiabetes and #fightdiabetes across social media.

This Diabetes Awareness week Swettenham Chemists along with the National Pharmacy Association is encouraging people with diabetes to visit their local pharmacy and use the free NHS services, advice and support available to them.

Leyla Hannbeck, Chief Pharmacist at the National Pharmacy Association said:

“Approximately 50% of those taking medicine for a long-term condition like diabetes do not take their medicine as it has been prescribed. This means they’re not getting the maximum benefit from them.

The New Medicine Service is a free NHS service in England and provided by Swettenham Chemists for people who have been newly prescribed a medicine to treat diabetes and other long term conditions and people who are taking two or more medicines for diabetes may also be eligible for a Medicines Use Review.

With both services, the conversation takes place in a consultation area, so you won’t be overheard by other patients in the pharmacy.”

The consultation is a vital service in community pharmacy and is one that patients should be aware of and open to use. Sometimes a private conversation with the pharmacist is just what the patient needs. Here is a real life story from the pharmacy front line:

“A customer came into the pharmacy with a prescription for a diabetic medication. I dispensed it, and as normal enquired as to whether they had used the medication before. Upon answering, the customer burst into floods of tears and in between sobs informed me that they had just been diagnosed with the condition, and felt it was a ‘death sentence’.

It had transpired that following tests they were invited to see the GP, who informed the patient that they had diabetes, gave them a prescription, and stated that it had been organised for them to visit the nurse for more information.

I spent some time with the patient in the consultation room, providing a full understanding of their condition, talking through the medication, as well as details of Diabetes UK and other local diabetic support groups. I insisted that they were most welcome to pop back into the pharmacy at any point in time should they need any more support.”

Many people are not be aware of the support services offered within our pharmacies for long-term conditions. Have a chat with our pharmacists if you need support or you are aware of a friend or family member who may benefit from support and signposting to diabetic support groups and national organizations like Diabetes UK. We can also dispense lots of advice and information. Speak to our pharmacists.

Source: National Pharmacy Association

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