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Feb 2018
Being lonely has a big impact on health

Swettenham Chemists is working in partnership with local organisations to raise awareness of the impact being lonely has on health and to help to reduce loneliness in our communities. Our campaign involves staff in all our branches raising awareness of the local organisations who customers can connect with. We have also developed a page on our web site to raise awareness of local services who are working to reduce loneliness. Our advice in store and guidance from our web page helps to provide links where customers can find further information on fun activities which are taking place in their area.

We have also included links to national organisations who are working to reduce loneliness and finally a section on how everyone can help and volunteer and if you have spare time act now by being a friend or a buddy.

We are committed to reducing loneliness and helping like-minded people to become connected and involved in fun activities. Swettenham Chemists can you give you advice on activities in your area and where you can connect with local organisations. Visit our information page today at endloneliness.swettenhamchemists.co.uk or visit us in store for further information.

A great article follows from Oddfellows Times highlighting the affects of loneliness and how to take the initiative:

"Loneliness is a growing problem in the UK, More than nine million people of all ages say they are lonely either often or always, according to research by the Co-op and the British Red Cross. Around 80% of people have experienced loneliness and nearly 90% think it is a serious problem in the UK, according to a joint report from the organisations, 'Escaping the Bubble'. The study also linked a lack of social connection with heart problems, higher blood pressure, depression and dementia, saying it could be as damaging to health as smoking and obesity.

Loneliness affects people of all ages and from all walks of life, and the research found we can be especially vulnerable when undergoing major life changes, such as becoming a new mum, children leaving home, retirement, long term health or mobility issues, bereavement and divorce or separation. Without action, what starts as a temporary issue can become a long-term problem. However, there are positive steps we can take to make new friends and beat loneliness

- Take the initiative. Take active steps to connect with like-minded people.

- Understand what motivates you. Is there a hobby or pastime you would like to resurrect or anything new that you would like to try? Pursuing activities that interest you will increase the chances of meeting like-minded people.

- Share your plans. Tell people you are looking for things to do, for example a craft or walking club, or simply a group where you can meet people for a friendly chat. Ask is they have any ideas, they may tell you of a suitable group or even invite you along.

- Give things a try. Even if you find a particular group is not for you, at least you have taken positive action and you can just give something else a try.

Do not limit yourself. Even if you have friends already, this is always room for someone that you really connect with. There is no limit on how many friends we can have."

Article Source Oddfellows Times

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